President:           Eugene Genova

Vice-President:    Ronald Russ

Treasurer:          Julie Schwahl

Secretary:          Janet Bidwell

Secretary:          Karen Lotito

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         Gem Show Committee
Gem Show Chairperson: Ray Giese

Ron Russ, Frank Schwahl, Barbara Genova, Gene Genova, Julie Schwahl, Karen Lotito, Janet Bidwell,
Bill Haydamach, Alice Haydamach

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“Crystal Clear” Newsletter

LIMAGS publishes a monthly newsletter “Crystal Clear.” The “Crystal Clear” is sent to each member prior to each monthly meeting via email or hardcopy mailing. The newsletter contains updated information about meetings, field trips, club activities and articles on gems, minerals, fossils and geology.

Newsletter editor:   Alice Haydamach


                 Igneous Basalt Columns at Svartifoss Falls

                              Skaftafell National Park: Iceland



               LIMAGS OFFICERS


Field Trips

LIMAGS sponsors field trips each year to collecting localities, museums and mineral shows. Previous trips include the American Museum of Natural History, New York State Museum, Garnet collecting, Fluorescent mineral collecting at the Sterling Hill Mine/Franklin Mineral Show, the Case Quarry, Howe/Secret Caverns, the West Springfield Mineral Show, New Hampshire & Maine pegmatite collecting and New York Devonian fossil collecting. We have collected fossils & minerals in Pennsylvania and collected Kentucky geodes. In conjunction with our other area clubs we maintain and collect Herkimer Diamonds at our own diamond claim in upstate New York.

Annual Society Dues

The annual society dues are $15.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a family membership. Dues are payable by December 31 for the following year. Members who have paid their dues in full and have met membership requirements are entitled to benefits including dinners, field trips, activity materials and access to lapidary machinery.

Lapidary Equipment

LIMAGS owns lapidary equipment including cabochon machines, a faceting machine, vibrating tumbler, rock tumblers, diamond trim saws, stereo microscopes and vibrating lap.

Reference Library

LIMAGS has an extensive collection of reference books dealing with minerals,

gems, rocks, fossils and geology topics. A large portion of our library was made possible through the donation of the Sole family in memory of Elaine Sole, a mineral educator who had specialized in micro mount mineral specimens.

In addition to the reference books, LIMAGS has Rock & Gem Magazines from 2005 to the present. Members may borrow these at any time.

Mineral Collection

LIMAGS is currently assembling a collection of mineral specimens from around the world. Samples are collected by members during field trips and donated by mineral collectors and their families. Future plans envision traveling displays for schools and libraries. Extra samples are given to members, schools and used in mineral presentations.